About us


Ever since its inception in the year 2013, Neopack has been working diligently towards its core values of innovation, affordability and bringing functional cosmetic packaging solutions to not only the Indian beauty business but also to the South Asian beauty market.

Market Dominance

Neopack has established itself as a pioneer in the Indian Cosmetics Packaging industry through its modern approach with a focus towards learning and improving. Our strong technical base is at the crux of our daily operations and processes.

Additionally, Neopack has also been making waves in the international market, by expanding their portfolio in the South Asian region.

Client Base

Quality, expertise and an unyielding commitment to delivering top-notch service to our clients have made us a preferred name amongst the leading brands of the cosmetic industry. Our fast growing client base includes top-tier names in the organized makeup business in India; from L’oreal, Unilever, Amway, Avon to Himalaya and Sami Direct.


We believe that in order to be truly innovative, we must keep the environment in mind and make a conscious choice to favor suppliers who employ energy-efficient, sustainable and green solutions in their industrial processes.


We are determined to achieve new levels of excellence in the Color Cosmetics Industry through ethical innovation. We are an organization driven by knowledge, experience, a passion for the planet and for providing cutting-edge packaging solutions.